Upcoming webinar: How to successfully manage risk in embedded payments

October 19, 2023

Software companies are increasingly offering embedded payments in order to become a one-stop-shop for SMBs. This gives SMBs greater access and control over their transactions, and it represents a significant business opportunity for SaaS platforms. Embedded payments are projected to generate $21B in revenues in 2026, up from $12B in 2020 (source). 

However, offering embedded payments is easier said than done. The moment a software platform enters financial services, it needs to start proactively thinking about managing its risk exposure. Managing risk in-house is typically more cost efficient and gives SaaS companies greater control over their customer experience. However, there is a lot of nuance in creating and monitoring these programs, and it still feels like a black box for many teams.

In this webinar, we’ll learn best practices for launching and managing embedded payments risk programs from executives at GoDaddy and Squarespace. Some questions we’ll cover include:

  1. Which embedded payments model did teams pursue, and how did that impact their downstream risk management strategy? What were the “P0” risk considerations they had when they first started out?
  2. How does risk management strategy work at each company today? What does the org structure look like, and who are the key stakeholders? 
  3. What are the top challenges and emerging risk trends they are staying on top of?
  4. What advice do they have for software companies embarking on their own risk management strategy today?

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