Vertical SaaS Platforms

Are you a Vertical SaaS platform that works with Stripe or other payment processors to offer embedded payments ? Do you want to offer other embedded fintech products ? Look no further than Coris to automate your underwriting and risk

We help Vertical SaaS platforms reduce operational costs by 80+% and improve onboarding time from days to minutes. No need to use your precious engineering resources to build risk infra

Our next-generation monitoring system helps in reducing losses by over 30% by proactively alerting you of any potential deterioration in the quality of merchants

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If you are a payment facilitator (PayFac) or offer PayFac-as-a-service, your success depends on your ability to provide instant onboarding of merchants and state-of-the-art risk management to your clients

Our product uses advanced algorithms and data sources to provide you with detailed, real-time insights into the health and risk profile of your merchant applications and portfolio. Use this to make informed decisions about which clients to onboard and how to manage your relationships with them.

If you are still manually collecting data to underwrite merchants, Coris can help automate away the data acquisition process whether it’s the Secretary of State (SoS) data, state-level licensing data, online reputation assessment, or the professionalism assessment of a merchant website. On top of this, we can provide early warning alerts to you on any changes to your portfolio merchants' online footprint or reputation so you can act proactively to mitigate your risks.

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Fintech companies that underwrite small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) face unique challenges when it comes to managing risk and making decisions. Our SMB alternative data and ongoing monitoring product can help fintechs overcome these challenges and improve their underwriting and risk processes.

Our product uses advanced AI models and data sources to provide fintechs with detailed, real-time insights into the health and risk profile of their SMB clients. This information can help fintechs make more informed lending decisions, reducing the risk of default and improving the overall performance of their portfolios.

In addition, our product offers ongoing risk monitoring capabilities that allow fintechs to track their clients' health, reputation and risk profile on an ongoing basis. This means that fintechs can identify potential problems before they become serious, allowing them to take action to prevent potential losses and maintain the stability of their lending operations.

Overall, our SMB alternative data and ongoing risk monitoring product is a valuable tool for fintechs looking to improve the efficiency of their underwriting processes. With its range of features and capabilities, our platform can help fintechs better serve their SMB clients and grow their businesses.

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