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Don’t let engineering bottlenecks slow down your risk decisioning. Unlock SMB growth with accurate data intelligence and automated risk actions.

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Unlock intelligent SMB growth

Say goodbye to limited data coverage, difficult integrations, and manual searches. Coris’s MerchantProfiler offers the most comprehensive SMB data intelligence on the market. Evaluate your SMBs using data across sanctions, review platforms, SMB websites, and more. Keep tabs on your merchants in real-time, all of the time.

Merchant Real Industry

Auto-predict MCC & six-digit NAICS industry classification codes, powered by GPT-4.


Rate SMBs’ website professionalism by analyzing dozens of proprietary data points: stock images, domain status, product meta-data, and more.


Monitor SMBs for key risk signals and prevent bad actors from abusing your platform.

5x faster


80% reduction

in manual reviews


of U.S. SMBs covered


Worldwide SMBs covered

Stop fraud at sign-up

Leverage the world’s first SMB fraud model to detect first-party and third-party fraud at sign-up. Automatically identify fraudulent applications and reduce onboarding friction for legitimate businesses.

Streamline risk management with Fuzio, our Risk OS


Gather real-time merchant data through MerchantProfiler and integrations with Stripe, Snowflake, Redshift, and more.


Set up custom rules and trigger actions based on data in MerchantProfiler, Stripe, and your internal platform data.


Execute rule-based actions automatically, or forward cases to manual review. Reduce friction for good merchants, and focus your risk team’s efforts on meaningful risk signals.

Why teams love Coris

Cassandra G

Senior Payments Risk Manager

Coris has been instrumental in managing our merchant risk strategy across 40+ countries. We've successfully reduced our manual onboarding processes by an impressive 80%, empowering us to operate with increased efficiency and effectiveness. I recommend Coris to any company using Stripe Connect and managing complex onboarding challenges. It’s really helped my team work smarter and stay one step ahead.

Anurag Puranik

Head of Credit & Risk

Coris has been a game changer for our Risk team. Using their product, we started instantly approving 90% of business applications, eliminating unnecessary friction for our good customers. Coris’s SMB intelligence data has also reduced our application review time by over 75%. I highly recommend Coris to any Risk team looking to offer a high quality customer experience while efficiently identifying SMB fraud.

Carlos Sanchez

Director of Risk

Coris has greatly contributed to our risk management strategy, and has shortened our alert review time by 55%. The product’s highly customizable nature means that we can tailor risk alerts to our unique SMB demographic, which is impossible to do in other tools. The team has been very responsive to our needs and is now a valuable partner for our Risk team at Stax.

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