Catch SMB fraud in real-time

CorShield is the first SMB-focused fraud model to prevent first-party and third-party fraud at sign-up. Automatically identify fraudulent applications and streamline onboarding for legitimate SMBs


false positives


fraud losses

5x faster


Instantly decode industry classification

Take the guesswork out of merchant classification with Merchant Real Industry, a GPT-4 powered model. It predicts a merchant’s MCC and six-digit NAICS codes with high accuracy, and translates these codes into industry risk ratings and anticipated non-delivery risk (NDX).

Flag risks through
automated website analysis

Forget manual data scrapes. SiteRating instantly delivers insights on dozens of website analytics, so your team can focus on risk decisioning (not data analysis).

Analyze key fraud attributes

Screen for questionable identities and intent. Compare business applicant information against known information on the business.

Email & Website

Are there any inconsistencies with the email and website provided?

Phone Number

Does the phone number match the one on review platforms or on the business’s website?

Business Information

Does the mailing address match public information?

Automate fraud detection

Ditch manual fraud checks. CorShield automatically analyzes incoming applications for signals predictive of fraud. It assigns each application a fraud score and top reasons for the score.

Use cases

First-party fraud

Sometimes, businesses misrepresent their industry to pass conventional KYB checks. This type of fraud is tricky for risk teams, because it requires screening for questionable intent. CorShield identifies mismatches by cross-checking all known information on the business. If a business’s website mentions they offer marketing solutions, but Google reviews mention they actually offer gambling products, CorShield will surface this in the first party fraud score.

Third-party fraud

How can risk teams identify business impersonation fraud? CorShield screens for questionable identities by cross-checking applicant information against known information on the business. If an applicant submits an email address, CorShield will assess the likelihood that it’s controlled by that business. This goes beyond existing tools, which just check for suspicious domains. CorShield offers similar analysis for phone numbers, business addresses, and more.

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